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Monday 7 October 2013

15mm 1st Bull Run

After one week of Health and Safety training (such fun!) I though as I'd finished these lads that I had better make the effort and get some pictures on the blog.

The idea for this was the fact that a good friend at the club (Tom you know who you are) gave me some file boxes pretty full with old 15mm ACW figures (mainly Minifigs) knowing I had done a small number for one of the occasional large games up at Micks. Looking at the figures there were and the fact that some of them had the early uniforms decided me on the fact that1st Bull Run using Fire and Fury was the one to go for.

I got the OOB and scenario details from Andy Clark's, site here

Orders of Battle

Union Army
Major - General   I. McDowell  (Corps commander)

1st Division      Brig.-Gen. D.Tyler
1st Brig.(Keyes)  9/8/5
2ndBrig.(Schenck)      9/8/5           Carlisle`s battery
3rdBrig.(Sherman)     17/14/10 E Ayres`  battery 

2nd Division     Col.  D.Hunter
1st Brig. (Porter)      16/13/9         Griffin`s battery
2nd Brig.(Burnside)    12/10/7         Rhode Island battery
Palmer`s Cavalry        2/-/-

3rd Division     Col.  S.P.Heintzelman 
1st Brig. (Franklin)     11/9/6         Rickett`s battery
2nd Brig.(Willcox)       11/9/6                 
3rd Brig. (Howard)  14/12/8

Army of the Potomac      Brig.-Gen. P.G.T.
Beauregard (Corps commander)

1st Brig.(Bonham)      17/14/10
5th Brig.(Cocke)        6/13/9
6th Brig.(Early)        13/11/8
Evan`s Brig.(Evans)    6/5/3    
Hampton`s Legion       3/2/-   E
Kemper`s battery

Army of the Shenandoah   Brig.-Gen. J.E. Johnston
(Division commander)

1st Brig.(Jackson)   14/11/7 E Pendleton`s battery
2ndBrig.(Bartow)     5/4/3
3rd Brig.(Bee)       11/9/6          Imboden`s  battery
4th Brig.(Smith)     8/7/5
Stuart`s Cavalry     2/-/-   E 
Given that the number of figures wasn't vast I thought this was doable.
So to the pictures of the figures, bare in mind that a small number of the 
figures were done for the earlier project so you may have seen the artillery 
 Confederates first, Beauregard's Army of the Potomac in the front,
Johnston's Army of the Shenendoah to the rear:

 Brig Gen Beauregard:

There was a huge difference in the size of the brigades on both sides,
anyone with knowledge of Fire and Fury will see that some of these are 

McDowell's Union Army.
Tyler's 1st Div (rear left), Hunter's 2nd Div (rear right) and
Heintzelman's 3rd Div to the front:

Major Gen McDowell:

Hunter's Div:

Tyler's Div:

Two pictures of the earlier uniform type:

Next step, contact Mic, Neal and Scotty to arrange a game up at his
place, won't be massive but should be fun. I will post the results as
and when.