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Friday 27 March 2020

Encounter at Richendorf 1800. 28mm French Revolution.

Being in self isolation which I may add many people have been calling for for many years regardless of any pandemic which is going about, I have finally managed to nag Chris into digging around in his neither regions (i.e. somewhere on hid computer file) to find the pictures he took of our last French Revolutionary game about a month or so ago. He sent me these today so onto the blog they must go.
Set in the Rhineland area in 1800 it sees a French army attempting to hold back a large Austrian counter attack with the Austrians being gradually reinforced as the game goes on.

The battlefield on the day with the French positioned on the hill to the right defending the village of Richendorf and the Austrian forces crossing the shallow river to assault them head on.

A French combined Grenadier battalion with other French line units in support.

Horse and line artillery batteries.

Various French line battalions.

French Chasseurs and hussars

Various pictures of the advancing Austrian infantry.

Austrian cavalry.

Austrian artillery batteries.

Mark (of Reiver Casting fame, more notoriety actually!) brought along his huge collection of Austrians for their reinforcements.

A bunch of photographs of the action at hand.

The final scene at the end, the Austrians had lost a couple of brigades assaulting the French centre but were getting reinforced and pushing up hard on their left. A good game which truthfully had been cobbled together at pretty much the last minute to accommodate the large number of guys wishing to take part hence the fat that some white coated French units can be seen thrown in to make up the numbers when they would not have been present in 1800.
Thanks as always to Chris for the photos.
Hope you enjoy,