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Sunday 10 July 2022

10mm ECW progress

 Don't worry Mick I'm getting on with it!

One of the club lads have been waiting patiently for me to pull my finger out and get on with some more 10mm ECW (Edgehill) troops. To be fair the 10mm Napoleonic's have had priority to get them finished but that's just an excuse really, so, as I said, Mick, here are some at least.

The cavalry will complete a brigade each for the King's side and parliament while the dragoons give one rgt to the parliamentarians and two to the King. Dragoons of course are the usual pain in the bum as you need mounted and dismounted. I could do with horse holders but as nobody seems to do them in 10mm I will have to convert some ACW Pendraken to do the job.

Duncombe's and Aston's royalist dragoons.

Brown's parliamentary dragoons.

Waller and Wharton's parliamentarian horse.

Carnarvon and Lord Wilmot's royalist horse.

As usual for me I have just found that I'm short of a few French Napoleonic 10mm skirmish stands. It's never finished until it's finished eh!