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Friday 12 July 2019

15mm Franco Prussian Sharp Practice.

To be honest I'm cheating slightly, firstly as I completed this lot a couple of weeks back and secondly about half of these chaps were painted figures from a spares box left over from my main Franco Prussian collection so I only painted a few just lately. Still it keeps up my policy of maximising the use of figures I have anyway. Bloody tight you see, ah well, there you have it!
As you know I love Sharp Practice and though officially a 'musket' era set of rules I'm sure I can adapt them to stretch to the FPW.
For the moment here are the figures, Outpost by the way, not bad but you can get better and as I said they were lying around.

Four groups of formed Saxon infantry with two groups in their skirmish formation in front plus command figures of course:

Two groups of Jager:

Two groups of Dragoons:

Four groups of French line infantry:

Two groups of French line infantry in skirmish formation:

Two groups of Chasseurs:

Finally two groups of French lancers:

Wednesday 3 July 2019

28mm Sharp Practice 2 skirmish stands.

Chris, one of the lads from the club kindly gave me some spare Front Rank French voltigeur and British light infantry figures so I have painted these lads up along with the Perry plastic voltigeurs which came with the box set I put up on here a while back. All were fine, all painted up well and mix together satisfactorily. Used primarily for Sharp Practice 2 here they are, Perry's first:

Front Rank French voltigeur:

Front Rank British lights:

Interestingly (or maybe not) I tried out two of the new Citadel contrast paints, the 'Blood Angels Red' for the Brits and Talassar blue for the French. I don't normally use their stuff as it costs an arm and a leg but after all the hype I did want to try these out.
Light grey undercoat and both colours went straight on, I did water the blue down slightly after doing one figure as it looked a bit bland but after that they were fine, one coat and no highlighting at all. You can see the effect best on the French officer's greatcoat.
They are not the panacea which some claim and need to be used on figures with fairly well defined creases, nothing flat or you just get that coffee stain look but they will have their uses.
More 15mm Franco Prussians for SP2 next.