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Saturday 24 June 2023

1,1200 HMS Prince 1670, Anglo Dutch wars

 While since I last posted folks but what with holidays (good), work (bad) and life in general (meh) these things happen. I am soon to complete a huge 15mm Austrian 1859/66 army but more of that in another post.

In the meantime I have finally bitten the bullet and have begun constructing and painting both sides of the Anglo Dutch wars sailing ships purchased from Langton Miniatures about three years ago which have lain neglected in a box since then. There are about twenty of these beautiful models to do and I must admit to being somewhat daunted about beginning this particular project. If I say so I can paint figures to a good standard, I'm not immodest that way but hey there you go, but I'm a crap modeler, no two ways about it I hate making houses, terrain and bloody ships! I have done some in the past and did a reasonable job but I must say that I didn't really enjoy it. The end result was fine, love the end result but man the process of fiddling on doing sails, shrouds, ratlines etc does my head in. So there I sat looking at twenty fantastic Langton models knowing what must be done, well here is the first.

She is HMS Prince, built in 1670 a one hundred gun 1st rate and during the Third Anglo Dutch War served as the flagship of The Lord High Admiral The Duke of York.

Still learning as I go so a few mistakes but not too bad. The rigging is kept to a minimum as it is a wargaming model plus I haven't the skill or patience to do more. I had asked Rob Anderson of Northumbrian Painting Services to rig the ships when I finished just to piss him off cause I know he hates it but as I seem to have drilled the holes for the rat lines just behind the shrouds I have modelled the ratlines with brass wire myself. Got out of that one mate! Flags hand painted by myself as usual.