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Wednesday 27 September 2023

1/1,200 Dutch 76 gun Eendracht (Unity)

I like to keep this Anglo Dutch wars project ticking over or else it will get left behind and forgotten so two more 1,200 scale Langton ships done to oppose the two English finished already. In this case the Eendracht and the Zeelandia.

Eeendracht was built from 1665 to 1666 for the Maas Admiralty, one of the five naval forces of the Dutch Republic, as a replacement for the earlier ship of the same name that had been sunk in June 1665 at the Battle of Lowestoft. The new ship was the flagship of Lieutenant-Admiraal Aert van Nes at the Four Days' Battle of 1666 and at the subsequent St James' Day Battle.

Zeelandia was a fourth rate 58 gun warship built in 1683 and captured in 1690 by the French.

Again both ships painted to a wargames standard as anything more is really too much for my limited skills but they look fine. Oh by the way I have added the small pins set into the base of all of the models so that any markers may be added while gaming with them, no idea what but I will decide when I find a set of rules I like.

Need to assemble and paint the ships first of course!


Saturday 9 September 2023

Napoleonic/French Rev naval longboat 28mm

 Always fancied a couple of these naval long boats to enable a shore or river landing, probably with Sharp Practice but any French Revolution or Napoleonic game using a river will do so I bought two (though I have only photographed one) British Longboats and crew from Britannia Miniatures. It is a great set and though they both took a lot of cleaning to remove substantial amounts of flash it was worth it.

Now of course I have to buy a sailor and Marine landing party, it never ends!

Having looked at the pictures a little touching up is required after painting in the river.