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Sunday 25 March 2012

Medieval mutterings

Finally the photographs taken by John for Aprils Miniature Wargames magazine have been published and I can now get them on the blog. Truthfully the Editor would have had no problem but I felt it only right to wait until the article was out before putting them on here.
It was a good game on the night with (if I remember rightly) a victory for the Scots!

Various views of the action, English Knights/men at arms:

Scots advance:

The main Battles clash:

The Hobilars sitting it out in the rear:

Most of the stuff is Old Glory, but I see that David Imrie is putting out a range for this period under Claymore Castings, also Flags of War are doing most of the various standards and shield transfers (wish I'd had them when I hand painted everything for Otterburn). They do look very good figures, must resist adding to this lot!
I'll put on some pictures of individual figures later.


  1. Excellent stuff! Best, Dean

  2. Excellent pictures Dave. Very nice collection

  3. Looking realy good !!!

    best regards dalauppror

  4. Obviously those porrige noshers didn't get a proper taste of clothyards or your rules didn't have the "Historical inevitability clause" or the Scots didn't field a rugger team!!!

  5. Thank chaps, Andy the only reason that the Scots won Otterburn was that Hotspur was a compleate heed the ball nutter. He charged the first enemy formation he saw leaving his few archers and Hobilars behind, got charged in the flank and got himself captured, admittedly after a two hour fight (nobody said he wasn't a brave nutter!).

  6. Really nice, a wonderful game.

    Best regards.