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Monday 29 August 2022

I thought they couldn't get smaller! 10mm ECW additions.

 An update for the 10mm ECW figures I have been doing.

King and Parliament has some units equipped with attached light guns, given my small unit footfall and the fact that the units had to fit comfortably onto a 10cm hex grid system it would have been impractical to use 10mm figures to represent these attached artillery pieces. I therefore sent to Baccus for their 6mm figures and mounted them on a separate round base so that they could be used as representations of the guns. They fit in well and yet the size difference between the two figure scales shows that this is a marker which can be added to the unit as required.

Denzil Holle's battalia, Parliament.

Sir Thomas Saulsbury's first battalia, pike heavy, Royalist.

Sir Thomas Saulsbury's second battalia pike only. Royalist.

I have a couple of weeks holiday coming up soon so I intend to get all of my fairly considerable 10mm French and Russian 1812 armies out and onto the table top for a good sized General de Armee game so keep an eye out for that report later next month.