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Sunday 30 May 2021

British 59th battalion 1793-6

 Here is the final (ye right!) unit to finish off the émigré brigade fighting in Flanders cir 1793, in this case the British 59th to give those royalists a bit of backbone. In truth many émigré units fought very well and the British were not yet the troops of the Peninsular campaign but I'll address those issues when they get onto the table.

Really enjoyed painting up these Emperors Toad figures Here, they have a large and expanding range and are well worth looking into if your getting into the period, do support them there nice guys.

With white facings I went with a white cover painted backpack and the 59 painted on, conjectural I know but who's to say really. If anyone knows different please let me know but I wont be changing them. No flank companies of course, the grenadiers were combined while the lights were sent to the West Indies to die of fever, very nice!


Monday 10 May 2021

10mm ECW Parliament Lord Brooke's Rgt

 Another 10mm ECW unit plus a couple of light guns to accompany the regiments into battle, this time its Lord Brooke's battalia, a 'large' unit.

I didn't intend to get these done but had to wait for those 28mm British to arrive. They have now so on with them next though obviously it may take me a bit longer to complete the 28's than our other minuscule friends!


Sunday 2 May 2021

10mm ECW Parliament foot

 A couple more battalia added today, this time on the Parliamentary side. Specifically and confusingly enough The Lord Generals Rgt, again as there were two on the Royalist side at Edgehill. I would presume each side appointed their own guy to the post. In the Parliamentary case Essex himself raised two battalia which in the lists are classed as large units. Keeping in mind that I have to have the same frontage in my units to fit into the hexes/squares I figured that the only way I could represent large units was to base them up in three ranks as a pose to the normal two. It's as good as I can get it but I'm still not convinced that they don't have a Thirty Years War look about them, let me know what you think dear reader!

In my insanity I have sent off for a battalion of 1794 British line to complete the Émigré brigade so if they come this week then they will be next on the painting table.