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Sunday, 16 September 2018

There and back again. 28mm Austrian Hussars 1794.

Well, no hobbits but I have been here before. I have just completed the replacement 28mm Austrian Hussars for the French Revolutionary army, as you guys will know these twenty four Eureka figures will replace the 30mm Elite cavalry that I sold, hence the there and back again crack.
Twenty four 28mm cavalry take a bit of painting and yes I did them in one batch, if I'd split them up to paint I would have given up half way through and made do with twelve of the buggers! I am pleased with them though, very colourful.

7th Regiment 'Liechtenstine':

I know they didn't carry their flag at this point in time but hey I like flags!
Off for a well earned rest.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Slow but steady.

I don't usually post pictures of half completed stuff on here but getting twenty four Austrian Hussar horses completed is a bit of an achievement just by itself. Not the best quality photographs as I did them with my ipad.

 Only twenty four riders to do now!

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Eureka French Chasseurs cir 1796

It still never ceases to amaze me why you good folks continue to show an interest in the inane ramblings of this doddery old fart by looking in at this blog but some of you will recall that I recently sold two of my French Rev units, the Austrian Hussars and the French Chasseurs. At 30mm from Elite the were great but size wise just didn't fit in with the other 28mm stuff I had.
They needed replacing so I bit the financial bullet and bought Eureka, expensive but their range is full to the brim and lovely figures to boot. So the easy bit, twelve French Chasseurs:

A question for you guys out there, why don't Eureka include a standard bearer for these figures, did the tend not to have one at this time or have Eureka just not done one? I'll have to pop them an Email.
Next, the big one, twenty four Austrian Hussars. Once I get them started I'll be ok, but at the minute they are just looking at me on the bench top!
P.S. The pictures are a bit crap, I didn't have the exposure quite right.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Austrian Grenzers French Revolution cir 1794

'One small step' as Neil Armstrong said, well maybe not quite in the same bracket as man kinds first moon landing but hey its one more job done down the road of getting my French Rev troops into some semblance of order,
28mm Eureka Grenzers are done, 16 figures on two man skirmish bases primarily for General D'Armee but also for Sharp Practice. I painted them up in their regulation white uniforms and gray cloaks (with one or two red ones added for variation) as they were issued with these when they got to their units. I will include here a link to the Eureka site for a better description.
Behind the skirmishers I painted up is the unit formed up, not the best of figures as you can see. I bought them at one of the Claymore shows years ago and couldn't even tell you which figure manufacturer they were so they ain't the best painted unit I have but they will do the job as the formed light unit probably won't be used that much.

A French Chasseur cavalry regiment next I think.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Re-furbished Austrian artillery battery cir 1794

I'm posting this today sitting straight and very carefully in front of the computer with a well iffy back. The rest of the lads at the club are having a fun time playing out an AWI 28mm game while I am stuck here, not that I'm envious or anything but what a bunch of bastards!
Never mind let's make the best of a bad situation and post photographs of a battery of French Revolutionary period Austrian 4pdr guns that I have re-furbish lately. I needed to do this as basically I had bollocked the original modelling/painting job up a couple of years ago.

As you can see top picture the guns themselves are wrong, I didn't have the correct ones at the time so used whatever was lying around in my spares box, and though nicely painted (if I may say so myself) the limber riders should always have a much greyer uniform whatever part of the Napoleonic/Revolutionary period they are being portrayed as being from but also in the Rev part they had round brimmed hats and not the turned up type shown.
So, after receiving new artillery pieces from Eureka (along with a lot of other stuff, but more of that later), out with the modelling knife, the 'green stuff' and a watered down black wash and hey presto:

A fairly easy fix to be honest but enjoyable non the less. I am now mid way through painting up 16 Grenzers on skirmish stands so that the battalion in line can be 'broken down into that formation. May get them done next week, back permitting that is!