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Sunday, 15 May 2022

One wedding, two illnesses and a visit. Oh yes and some painting!

 Sounds dramatic but I feel some explanation may be required for my absence on the blogging front.

The wedding, my son Jack was married on Easter Monday and my wife and I couldn't be more proud, a great three days it was. There all three days now, say no more but it was great.

Two illnesses, my wife tore the muscle behind her knee and nearly didn't make it to the aforesaid wedding, poor bugger she's getting better slowly but its been hard going for both of us. I then came down with has to be said was not flue but was a bitch of a cold which I'm still trying to throw off. The combination of being sixty and like everyone else having a low immune system due to isolation doesn't help!

Anyway enough whinging, I did get a bit of painting done and have only now got the opportunity to get it on here. 10mm Napoleonic again, I'm getting to a point where I can see the end of the tunnel with this project, the equivalent of one corps of Russian and half of Davout's corps (which equates to a normal size corps in 1812) will do for now.

Polish Uhlans (Russian).

Russian cuirassiers.

Two combined Grenadier battalions (hence no flags)

.Finally a brigade of French light infantry, five battalions. Not sure if I like the full dress version but never mind.

I did get some skirmish stands done as well as some 28mm horse holding French Dragoons for Sharp Practice but will leave them for another day.

Lets hope the next few months aren't quite so manic!


Sunday, 6 March 2022

How many! 10mm French horse artillery.

 Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "pity me I'm poor" cause I ain't poor, I'm just careful with my money. Yeh, tight! But only on the odd occasion have I been in a position to start a wargame project totally from scratch, I have usually relied on at best other people wanting to get rid of figures and giving/selling them cheap to me God bless em so didn't rely on orders of battle but just used what was available and maybe added a few units to make them about right.

But with these 10mm Napoleonic 1812 figures I did decide to sell my 15mm stuff to fund this lot from scratch so could therefore look at various OOBs and go from there. Where dear reader is this all going, well it is telling you that I have always assumed in my ignorance that generally with the French only the cavalry brigades had the horse artillery attached with maybe a couple in the corp reserve. Shit there's loads, each division had one foot and one horse battery attached. So I had to paint them didn't I.

Here is a photo of one, I have done six of these plus one 12lb and some limbers so I'm sick of bloody artillery for now.

French light infantry next.


Sunday, 6 February 2022

10mm ECW progress

 We intend to have a practice game of the For King and Parliament rules at the club Here next month and I kind of said I'd get a few more units done to complement Mick's 10mm collection. Well Mick, it may not happen as I'm up to the eyes with 10mm Napoleonic's at the moment but I thought I would put a few pictures of what ECW stuff I'd done so far.

Parliamentary horse

Parliamentary foote

Parliamentary foote and gun

Parliamentarian army

Royalist horse

Royalist foote and gun

Royalist foote


Photographs were taken with my phone so a bit iffy I'm afraid but it gives you an idea.


Sunday, 9 January 2022

To The Strongest Caesarian 10mm

 Though I haven't for a while I do actually play a wargame occasionally, painting and collecting units/figures is my thing but it is still nice to sometimes give the lads a runout as it were!

My Caesarian Roman chaps have not been on the table for a while so I dusted them off and set to with a civil war Caesar Vs Pompey bash on the hex table using the brilliant To the Strongest rules which are recommended to be played on a table marked out with squares but can I assure you be played very easily using hexes.

The two forces were set out, both balanced points wise, Pompay's force (yellow and white shields) having more skirmish troops plus three Heffalump's but with the yellow shield half legion being classed as raw (+7 save as a pose to +6 for the other legionaries). While Caesars force were standard legionary's plus three manuballista which I allowed to move as per infantry.

The field of battle, Pompay's force to the top of the picture, Ceasar's to the bottom. Note the white die behind units, missile troops have a number of shots allocated depending on their weapon, legionaries have one hit pip denoting the use of the pilum. Also the coins in the two camps show the moral of the armies, you lose an appropriate number of coins depending on the unit lost, run out of coins and your army breaks. 

Three elephant units, each one classed as large but prone to 'stampede'

Numidian cavalry

Pompay's raw legionaries

Pompay's right wing cavalry and skirmishers

Caesarian half legion and manuballista

Caesar's main legionary force with his cavalry reserve in the background.

White shield legionaries showing pilum die.

Left wing Pompeian cavalry close on the Gauls.

Pompay's right wing cavalry led by the man himself swing in a large arc around the Caesarian left flank.

Left wing Caesarian legionaries facing the advancing skirmishers.

Pompeian centre advances.

First casualties, the red die indicates a disordered unit.

The elephants get closer.

Caesar is forced to take his Gallic cavalry reserve to the left to counter the enemy cavalry.

Gallic javelin wound the Pompeian general.

Pressing the attack on the left.

Crunch time, two initial attacks by the elephants but if they suffer a casualty they test for rampage direction inflicting casualties on the way then dispersing.

The manuballista prove disappointingly ineffective.

Pompeian cavalry are slowly getting the upper hand.

After damaging the cohort to it's front the elephant rampages through the same unit but fails to destroy it and is removed from play.

Though the 'red' cohort sits on the flank of the advancing raw yellow Pompeian unit getting two free strikes it still somehow survives and fresh cohorts can be seen advancing to exploit the gap!

Legionaries advance into the woods, maybe not a great idea against skirmish troops.

Damage has been done to the Caesarian legionaries on the hill, can the Pompeian forces take advantage?

The Gallic cavalry is suffering, two units disordered, one lost and their wing general killed.

The gap is widening, raw legions or not they are fighting well.

This skirmish unit has manoeuvred it's way round the red legions flank and will kill their general next turn.

General lost, unit damaged and others having to take a moral check.

This Pompeian cohort has fought its way into the centre of Caesars line destroying on 'blue 'unit.

Caesars right flank is in danger of being turned.

The units behind (top left of the photo) are Caesarian casualties, it's not looking good for them.

The Caesarian centre is under pressure but holding. It's everywhere else that is in trouble.

The red legion disintegrates, the end is neigh.

Skirmishers keep the pressure on.

The missiles pore in.

At this point the Caesarian forces loose a unit and run out of coins thereby prompting the disintegration of their army. An excellent battle and credit to the yellow raw half legion crushed their opponents and exploited their success.

Nice to get these figures out again, hope you enjoyed the AAR.