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Monday, 10 May 2021

10mm ECW Parliament Lord Brooke's Rgt

 Another 10mm ECW unit plus a couple of light guns to accompany the regiments into battle, this time its Lord Brooke's battalia, a 'large' unit.

I didn't intend to get these done but had to wait for those 28mm British to arrive. They have now so on with them next though obviously it may take me a bit longer to complete the 28's than our other minuscule friends!


Sunday, 2 May 2021

10mm ECW Parliament foot

 A couple more battalia added today, this time on the Parliamentary side. Specifically and confusingly enough The Lord Generals Rgt, again as there were two on the Royalist side at Edgehill. I would presume each side appointed their own guy to the post. In the Parliamentary case Essex himself raised two battalia which in the lists are classed as large units. Keeping in mind that I have to have the same frontage in my units to fit into the hexes/squares I figured that the only way I could represent large units was to base them up in three ranks as a pose to the normal two. It's as good as I can get it but I'm still not convinced that they don't have a Thirty Years War look about them, let me know what you think dear reader!

In my insanity I have sent off for a battalion of 1794 British line to complete the Émigré brigade so if they come this week then they will be next on the painting table.


Thursday, 15 April 2021

10mm ECW Royalist Rgts for Edgehill. (For King and Parliament rules

 Well I have to say that that was £50 well invested. I have sold some 15mm mostly bare metal old British Napoleonics so I decided to invest in improving my photography and I'm well chuffed! Lighting in photography does make all the difference so as soon as the light box arrived I just had to give it a go. Having painted up another two regiments of 10mm ECW for 'King and Parliament' rules, in this case the two royalist Lord General's units I took pictures of both these and the King's Lifeguard of foot regiment again as a comparison to the last post. Note that the King's Lifeguard of foot are a 'Standard Battalia', 1/3 pike - 2/3 shotte, while the Lord General's are 'Pike-Heavy as donated by the extra pike added.

If you recall the idea is to use physically small units in 10mm in order to utilise my table at home. I could never do this with 28mm figures. I haven't a clue what colour uniform (if indeed they had a uniform) or flag these chaps had but then I suspect that no one else knows either as info is sparing to say the least. However mixed blues with other colours thrown in seemed a good idea at the time. If someone pops up on here and tells me different then I will be polite but curse their knowledge under my breath! All figures are Pendraken.

A start at least.


Sunday, 4 April 2021

28mm English mounted knights, cir 1388

These fellows were it has to be said a bit of a struggle. work is busy at the moment so my time is short but I do find painting these types of individual figures much more difficult than say a battalion of Napoleonic troops which can be done as a production style, one colour after another. Add to this the bane of any medieval figure painter, heraldry then slowly does it as they say! Never mind they're done and fairly pleased I am too.

I did decide to only do the command stand plus one unit of English mounted as these chaps tended to fight on foot, not always of course, but mostly. The other twelve still to do will start off my French contingent for Crecy. All the figures here are from knights/esquires present at Otterburn 1388, but will do for other encounters as I'm not that fussy.

Sir Henry Percy (Hotspur). All heraldry is hand painted, as you can see I'm not great with any animals, geometric shapes fine but nothing 'living' as it were!

Left to right: Sir Rauf de Euar, Sir William Hilton, Sir Robert Umfraville, Nicholas Reymes esquire, Sir Ralf Percy, Sir Mathew Redman.

I'm seriously thinking of bulking out both sides of these forces, but not just yet. Maybe 10mm ECW next.


Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Otterburn 1388 mounted knights.

 As stated in the last post I have begun to paint up mounted equivalents of the dismounted knights present at the battle of Otterburn 1388 up here in sunny (ha) Northumberland. If you wish to see pictures of the other figures and a refight of the battle see HERE and scroll down through the various pages.

As will be noticed if you folks have any knowledge of the encounter though both sides were mounted or had their horses available the English and the Scots chose as was the fashion of the time to fight it out on foot hence me not representing the knights esquires etc of either side in the original armies that I produced way back when. This is not of course to say that encounters on horseback did not occur, just not so frequently as this time period went on towards the late medieval era.

I still had 22 Old Glory mounted figures to hand so I decided to replicate the same guys mounted that I had originally done on foot. Why you may say do the same figures twice, a very sensible question, but if you know anything about medieval heraldry you will realise that knights (I will continue to use this term for convenience) heraldic devices often changed at some considerable pace, Lord Fob married Lady Muck and he therefore incorporated her heraldic device into his thereby buggering up your representation of that particular character that you have painted up for one battle which had occurred two years previously! I originally fancied portraying both Percy and Douglas for the battle of Shrewsbury 1403 but of course Hotspurs device had changed by then and it obviously wasn't the same Douglas as James went and got himself somewhat chopped up at Otterburn!

So the Scots, one command stand of Archibald and James Douglas, and one mounted knights/squires of left to right, Sir John Swinton, Sir John Lindsey, Sir John Montgomery, Sir Malcom Drummond, Simon Glendinning and Sir Alexander Fleming. A fairly comprehensive list of all of the knights/squires etc present at the encounter is given in the previous posts under 'medieval' if you go back enough pages. This was done with help from Charlie Wesencraft a great number of years ago. Hope your well Charlie.

Now to get started with Hotspur and his men.