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Sunday 15 May 2022

One wedding, two illnesses and a visit. Oh yes and some painting!

 Sounds dramatic but I feel some explanation may be required for my absence on the blogging front.

The wedding, my son Jack was married on Easter Monday and my wife and I couldn't be more proud, a great three days it was. There all three days now, say no more but it was great.

Two illnesses, my wife tore the muscle behind her knee and nearly didn't make it to the aforesaid wedding, poor bugger she's getting better slowly but its been hard going for both of us. I then came down with has to be said was not flue but was a bitch of a cold which I'm still trying to throw off. The combination of being sixty and like everyone else having a low immune system due to isolation doesn't help!

Anyway enough whinging, I did get a bit of painting done and have only now got the opportunity to get it on here. 10mm Napoleonic again, I'm getting to a point where I can see the end of the tunnel with this project, the equivalent of one corps of Russian and half of Davout's corps (which equates to a normal size corps in 1812) will do for now.

Polish Uhlans (Russian).

Russian cuirassiers.

Two combined Grenadier battalions (hence no flags)

.Finally a brigade of French light infantry, five battalions. Not sure if I like the full dress version but never mind.

I did get some skirmish stands done as well as some 28mm horse holding French Dragoons for Sharp Practice but will leave them for another day.

Lets hope the next few months aren't quite so manic!