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Monday 6 June 2022

Almost there, 10mm Napoleonic 1812.

 It's been almost one and a half years in the doing but I'm almost done with the 10mm 1812 Napoleonic's. I did have a bit of a head start with the rebasing of my 'Blucher' rules based figures but I have added considerable numbers to the original collection to get to this point. Now of course before anyone comes on and says nothing is ever finished in a wargame collection, well of course you are right. However I do feel at a point where there are two fairly well matched sides both of whom have enough unit types to vary things a bit if I so wish.

I have said this before but it's worth repeating that if I were starting wargaming again I would go for 10mm for set piece games and keep 28mm for skirmish. My 7' by 4' table just won't cope with a medium size 28mm battle and leave any room for anything other than line em up, roll the dice and knock em down type games which I hate. 10mm with reduced scales allow a good spacious game with plenty of manoeuvring room which makes you think a bit!

The OOB's were sourced from various places and as is always the case everyone was different so a little bit of compromise has to take place. Obviously one from the beginning of the campaign is going to be considerably different from one from say Borodino and I don't want to be stuck with just 1812 but would like to move the collection on into 1813/14 as well. The figures are a mix of Pendraken, Old Glory and Magister Militum which at this scale mix together fine.

 The Russians.

There are thirty battalions of foot, fourteen regiments of cavalry, eight batteries of guns with command and skirmish bases thrown in.

The full Russian force, Tuchov's III corps with a brigade of Opelchenie and a cuirassier brigade attached.

12lb's of the Russian foot artillery.

The first Grenadier brigade of Strogonov's 1st Division with skirmish stands.

Russian Jager battalions with their replacement skirmish stands if they wish to be deployed as such.

The second Grenadier brigade of Strogonov's 1st Division.

The corps cavalry brigade.

Attached reserve batteries and a militia (Opelchenie) brigade.

An attached Cossack brigade, one of whom is painted up as Guard Cossacks for 1814.

Cuirassiers with a horse battery.

Another picture of those Jagers.

A side view of the Russian cavalry.

The French.

There are thirty four battalions of foot, twelve regiments of horse and eleven batteries of artillery, plus command and skirmish bases.

Friant and Morand's divisions of Davout's 1st corps with supporting cuirassiers and reserve artillery.

Reserve artillery and two cuirassier brigades.

Divisional artillery and attached cavalry brigade.

Morand's 1st division with Davout himself left of picture.

Friant's 2nd division.

Different angle of the 1st division, note the skirmish stands in front, one for each battalion.

The armies are set up for General de Armee rules but can of course be utilised for other sets. Took a bit of doing but I got there in the end!