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Sunday 30 July 2023

15mm 1859/66 Austrians.

 I don't seem to post quite as often as I used to, certainly not recently, however on reason is that I have been heading towards completion of this 1859/66 Austrian army which given my ability to turn a blind eye to uniform specifics for the period allows this army to fight Italians, French and Prussians during this period in history. I know, Austrians in 1866 predominantly wore the greatcoat but if anyone thinks I'm painting up two separate armies for each war then they are living on a different planet to me!

On a sadder note many of these figures were swapped/given to me by my dear friend Mr Tom Nutt. Tom passed away recently and I consider my addition to and completion of this force my own small tribute to a good friend and wargame enthusiast. Tom was ex army, absolutely knew his stuff and was a mine of detailed information about all aspects of military history but particularly known for his three volume books Franco Prussian War (1870-1871) Uniform Painting Guides covering all of the weapons, organisation and uniforms for that conflict. You won't find a better more comprehensive aid to this period than this. I'm not sure who carries it now but try Rob Anderson at Northumbrian Painting Services he may know.

I could tell so many tales of Tom but suffice to say he will be missed by all.

Tom Nutt.

In total there are three Austrian corps, III, IX and XI organised for the Age of Valor rules, basically Fire and Fury but can of course be used for the excellent Bloody Big Battles set. I placed a good number on my 7' by 4' table but many more are still in the box. This little lot has taken quite some time to paint up hence not posting as often as usual. Most figures are Lancaster Games.


Saturday 22 July 2023

1/1,200 HMS Mary, English 3rd rate.

 A second Anglo Dutch War ship completed, in this case HMS Mary an English 3rd rate. Originally commissioned as Speaker and built in Woolwich by Christopher Pett in 1650, re-named in 1660 she was a 50 gun frigate, re-built in 1688 and wrecked in 1703.

Langton as usual.