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Tuesday 16 March 2021

Otterburn 1388 mounted knights.

 As stated in the last post I have begun to paint up mounted equivalents of the dismounted knights present at the battle of Otterburn 1388 up here in sunny (ha) Northumberland. If you wish to see pictures of the other figures and a refight of the battle see HERE and scroll down through the various pages.

As will be noticed if you folks have any knowledge of the encounter though both sides were mounted or had their horses available the English and the Scots chose as was the fashion of the time to fight it out on foot hence me not representing the knights esquires etc of either side in the original armies that I produced way back when. This is not of course to say that encounters on horseback did not occur, just not so frequently as this time period went on towards the late medieval era.

I still had 22 Old Glory mounted figures to hand so I decided to replicate the same guys mounted that I had originally done on foot. Why you may say do the same figures twice, a very sensible question, but if you know anything about medieval heraldry you will realise that knights (I will continue to use this term for convenience) heraldic devices often changed at some considerable pace, Lord Fob married Lady Muck and he therefore incorporated her heraldic device into his thereby buggering up your representation of that particular character that you have painted up for one battle which had occurred two years previously! I originally fancied portraying both Percy and Douglas for the battle of Shrewsbury 1403 but of course Hotspurs device had changed by then and it obviously wasn't the same Douglas as James went and got himself somewhat chopped up at Otterburn!

So the Scots, one command stand of Archibald and James Douglas, and one mounted knights/squires of left to right, Sir John Swinton, Sir John Lindsey, Sir John Montgomery, Sir Malcom Drummond, Simon Glendinning and Sir Alexander Fleming. A fairly comprehensive list of all of the knights/squires etc present at the encounter is given in the previous posts under 'medieval' if you go back enough pages. This was done with help from Charlie Wesencraft a great number of years ago. Hope your well Charlie.

Now to get started with Hotspur and his men.


Friday 5 March 2021

28mm 4th East Prussian Landwehr Rgt, 1813-15

 Another project finally rounded off, not finished of course as there's always the possibility of adding to them, but finished for now. Prussian 'brigades' were large during this period really amounting to a small division so as you will note when you look at the pictures of the 'brigade' I have added a second brigade commander plus the divisional command stand (Blucher of course) as my go to rules are General de Armee so I will split the division into two more workable units.

All of my Napoleonic 28mm have been built to contribute to the rest of the club members collections so I can't see them being added to for a while but I certainly enjoyed painting them all up.

You will note that the Landwehr battalions are smaller than the line and will be classed as small units in the rules. They will also be conscript, again for a bit of variation on the line troops. All Landwehr are Perry's, I really like Calpe figures but his ordering process is a complete pain in the arse particularly for Landwehr which isn't even on the main page and must be typed out for each individual figure ordered. His loss and mine, shame but get with the modern age or lose money!

4th East Prussian Landwehr Rgt:

The completed brigade:

If you want to see closer photographs of the rest of the brigade scroll through the 28mm Napoleonic section of the blog.

Next, maybe hundred years war English and Scottish mounted knights?

Take care, stay safe,