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Saturday 28 November 2020

(Somewhat resembling) York Rangers (Ramsay's)1793-97

Continuing with the ongoing assembly of a Emigre brigade for the allied side in the French Revolution a raid into the odds and sods box pulled out a bag of 28mm AWI Old Glory Queens Rangers. So a grub through my reasonable collection of uniform info in all its varying forms found the nearest emigre unit to be the York Rangers, a light infantry unit raised in 1793 by Cpt G Ramsay comprised mainly of Germans with French/Irish emigre officers and deployed in Flanders for that campaign.

Now I will of course admit that I have taken some liberties with the figures in order to represent the unit. The head piece is ok other than the front plate which should be a star and the leggings need to be longer, stretching down to the boots. The water canteen is not shown in illustrations but I figured they have picked some up from the brits. The flags are completely made up! But here's the fantasy bit, the pack of Queens Rangers contained four grenadier and four lads in kilts and I'm afraid I couldn't resist painting them. Let me state quite categorically that there is no evidence whatsoever for grenadiers and highland dressed chaps in this unit.

The pictures aren't great, I was having a bad camera day:

The fantasy bit.

I think there's one more set of figures in their to paint up but back to 10mm Naps for now.