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Wednesday 26 December 2012

Franco Prussian War, Imperial French 1870

As (long) promised here are the pictures of the French 1st and 5th corps present at the early battles on the borders. Lots of the figures were painted years ago however many have been painted recently especially the artillery (40 limber horses especially did my napper in!).
Most of the figures are Outpost organized for Fire and Fury Frances at a scale of 1:300. Each group of infantry represents a regiment.

1st & 5th Corps:

1st Corps, this had an extra infantry division:

5th Corps:

Two brigades of 5th corps cavalry:

1st corps reserve artillery:

2nd reserve cavalry division (attached in support):

All the very best for the New Year.

Monday 17 December 2012

Another year sneaked by.

I'M 51!!!!!!
Never mind, another year gone by and Xmas looming up again. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the couple of days while its here, it's just the general bollocks that comes for the (now) two months before it that gets on my ***.
On the wargaming/collecting front there has been progress with finishing the various collections I've acquired over the years. The 28mm French Revolution stuff now only needs one Austrian line battalion to paint up, the foot battery to increase to four guns (from two) to buy limbers, and to get a unit of Grenadiers 1794 uniform so Eureka may be the only option!
The 15mm Franco Prussian War lads are nearly done (as the next post will show), just a bit of tweaking to be done there and a large and reasonably balanced force will arrive on the table.
Other additions to things have been done but for next year 15mm ACW should be easy to complete, 10mm Caesarian and War of Spanish Succession needs progress, and I would like to start a British Peninsular War army to complement Neal's stuff. Always fancied a WW2 early war force but we'll see on that one!
On the none wargaming side, my place of work may be being privatized (all for the better I hope!), and my second son has moved out to a new house freeing a bit more room and clearing the garage for gaming in the Summer again. But everyone is well and that's all that really counts.
Have a great New Year everyone.
I'M 51!!!!!!!

Sunday 25 November 2012

The British are coming!

I know the title has been used by some bloke somewhere before but it seemed too obvious!
Well here I am at 07.30 on a Sunday morning typing this up, 45 mins ago I was cleaning up dog shite from the utility floor as both of my two Bearded Collies have the runs, great start to a day. Probably not what you folks wanted to here but that's the reason for this being published now.

So, 'The British are coming' and here they are:

Loyalist Queens Rangers (Front Rank).

Combined Grenadier battalion (Front Rank).

57th Middlesex (Front Rank, later uniform).

8th Kings and 9th Royal Norfolk (Old Glory).

A combined light infantry battalion skirmishing (Front Rank and Perry).

British artillery (Old Glory).

Loyalist Butlers Rangers (Front Rank).

British brigadier (Front Rank).

17th Lt Dragoons (Front Rank with Old Glory Tarleton et al)

Some civilians (Perrys).

A burial party (scratch built, which I should have put on a circular base (Front Rank).

That's all of this lot, hopefully I'll soon be able to finish off the 15mm Franco Prussian artillery. I'll get them on here as soon as I can.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

28mm American War of Independance

Well it's been quite a while since I posted. A few reasons, crappy at work, painting figures for someone else and therefore very little done for myself (I said when I started this blog that I would only post pictures of figures I painted for myself, not for other people), and oh yes, a resurgence of my obsession for the PC game Civilization, haven't played it for a few years but came across Civ IV recently and got back into it. These turn based empire building games suck you in and before you know it five or six hours of your life have gone by. I remember playing Civ I back in the early 90's, where has the time gone!!!!!
So I thought I'd post pictures of my 28mm AWI collection from many years back. These guys were really the first substantial army that I built up (been added to since). A guy called 'Old Bob' (as opposed to 'Young Bob' of course) both members of the Reiver club at the time, had a British army so I started (with Rob Andersons donation of figures he didn't need any more) to collect the Americans. Bob then stopped coming to the club and being left with one side then got going with the Brits.
So, on with the pics, The photos are ok (bit much direct light on some of them). Americans first:

6th Pennsylvanian:

4th New York:

2nd Rhode Island:

1st Pennsylvanian:

14th Massachusetts:

Skirmishers from the 2nd Pennsylvanian rifles:

American militia:

Virginian horse:

 American artillery:

American Brigadier:
The figures are a combination of Old Glory, Front Rank and the odd Perry.
The British will be next, followed (hopefully when I finally get time) finish off the 15mm Franco Prussian artillery.
All the best,