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Wednesday 26 December 2012

Franco Prussian War, Imperial French 1870

As (long) promised here are the pictures of the French 1st and 5th corps present at the early battles on the borders. Lots of the figures were painted years ago however many have been painted recently especially the artillery (40 limber horses especially did my napper in!).
Most of the figures are Outpost organized for Fire and Fury Frances at a scale of 1:300. Each group of infantry represents a regiment.

1st & 5th Corps:

1st Corps, this had an extra infantry division:

5th Corps:

Two brigades of 5th corps cavalry:

1st corps reserve artillery:

2nd reserve cavalry division (attached in support):

All the very best for the New Year.


  1. Fantastic looking army, a great work!
    Looking for more...an AAR soon?

  2. Cheers Phil, will have to wait for warmer weather I;m afraid, the games room is in the garage!

  3. Those look Great. We will have to get a game in soon with those

  4. I still haven't got the ink for the printer yet for those flags. Must get it this week. You going on Wednesday?