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Saturday 23 January 2021

Warlord 28mm Prussian Uhlans

 One of my lads knowing roughly what was required bought me these figures for Xmas and I've now got round to painting them. At first I had some reservations about another plastic set of figures especially as I hadn't painted up Warlord stuff before but at £24, £2 per figure you can't get cheaper which suited the lads budget.

The figures are pretty clean requiring only a little snipping and shaving though the type of plastic Warlord use requires a particularly sharp blade or it will just leave frayed bits but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the figures were really well sculpted with a good deal of detail for both horses and riders. I did of course replace the lances and pennants supplied with the figures as their bendiness would have been one step too far, the paint would never have stayed on them. When finished the figure are light in weight but hey you pays your money and takes your choice.

The horses were done in oils with the excess wiped off then allowed to dry, it's not a method I use much but I gave it a go and the look ok. The blue of the riders were  done using contrast paint with a light blue undercoat, again fine and pretty easy to do.

I now have three battalions of Perry Landweher which will complete the very large Prussian brigade I own to do next.

Stay safe,


Sunday 3 January 2021

10mm Napoleonic additions, 1812/14.

Well, like everyone a pretty quiet Xmas and New Year, everyone safe and that's the main thing. Missing wargaming with the lads and I haven't really bothered with setting solo games up but I did get a small amount of painting done.

Continuing with rounding off my 10mm 1812/14 Napoleonic figures, there must be about a couple of divisions per side now plus cavalry etc.

Russian cavalry:

Russian infantry:

French infantry:

Mix of manufacturers, Pendraken, Old Glory, Majester Militum.

I'm not one for setting out plans for painting in 2021, frankly I can't remember what I did yesterday never mind planning what I'll do this year!

Take care and stay safe.