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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Vive Le Roi.

A slight diversion off the beaten track but an aspect of the French Revolutionary period that appeals.
Here are some pictures of my Vendee Royalists, actually Reiver Casting's Monmouth's Army figures with Old Glory AWI Militia thrown in for good measure. Now I know that non of these guys are wearing the oft seen clogs that the royalists wore, but use what you have is what I say. The Reiver Casting stuff is sometimes much maligned, these fellows aren't the best I've ever seen, but nor are they the worst and remember these particular one's are the first range they ever produced. The ranges which have come out in recent years, particularly their Marburian and Very British Civil War stuff are spot on and they mostly finish a range, more than can be said for some manufacturers. By the way the command figure on horseback was not painted by me (not that there's anything wrong with the chap but I wouldn't want anyone coming on and saying that I didn't paint him and that they did!).
Other than the above, there's not much else to say other than here's the photo's:

Note that on some of the pictures you can just see the Royalist recognition sign of the red heart on a white background on some of the figures.
A bit more information here, Wikipedia, and info on the Royalist army Wikippedia again,


  1. They look great. I can´t remeber ever seeing a counter revolutionary army from this period...good work!!

  2. Great to see new photos and it's good to see the FR wargamed. Keep them coming.

    PS, look also at my ca-ira.blogspot.com about the FR although due to lack of time lately I have nothing new put on it, The same for the Alde Garde website.

  3. Fantastic looking figures!!! and beautiful flags to go with them as well!

  4. Great looking figures and flags.

    How do they fight, though? I suppose in a war to the death, like the Vendeean war was, they'd be fairly tenacious.

  5. Great stuff. Flags are very cool.

  6. Read Banners of the King- cracking volume... As for Reiver they were done when I still owned the company - a long time ago now.

  7. Andy, I'll borrow it if you have it with you when we have the next game at your place.
    Rosbif, they were hardy buggers, though for the early to late part of the war they were fighting against the very worst that the Republicans could scrape off the dung heap of liberty!
    Jan, don't worry I keep looking in at your site, great stuff.
    All the rest of you guys thanks for the comments.

  8. Look great mate and loving the flags. Top work.