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Monday, 17 December 2012

Another year sneaked by.

I'M 51!!!!!!
Never mind, another year gone by and Xmas looming up again. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the couple of days while its here, it's just the general bollocks that comes for the (now) two months before it that gets on my ***.
On the wargaming/collecting front there has been progress with finishing the various collections I've acquired over the years. The 28mm French Revolution stuff now only needs one Austrian line battalion to paint up, the foot battery to increase to four guns (from two) to buy limbers, and to get a unit of Grenadiers 1794 uniform so Eureka may be the only option!
The 15mm Franco Prussian War lads are nearly done (as the next post will show), just a bit of tweaking to be done there and a large and reasonably balanced force will arrive on the table.
Other additions to things have been done but for next year 15mm ACW should be easy to complete, 10mm Caesarian and War of Spanish Succession needs progress, and I would like to start a British Peninsular War army to complement Neal's stuff. Always fancied a WW2 early war force but we'll see on that one!
On the none wargaming side, my place of work may be being privatized (all for the better I hope!), and my second son has moved out to a new house freeing a bit more room and clearing the garage for gaming in the Summer again. But everyone is well and that's all that really counts.
Have a great New Year everyone.
I'M 51!!!!!!!


  1. All the best mate, can't wait to see the FPW stuff

  2. All the best, sir. I think mnay of us are passing from the Middle Guard to the Old Guard...

    Have a great New Year!

  3. Personally I neve "finish" a period. I just get bored with them in rotation and go and do something else. If I get fed up with it I might flog it but that hasn't happened in ages so my question How do you finish an army????

  4. Thank chaps.
    Maybe I should say complete it to my satisfaction, I have both storage limitations and table size limits on the number of (especially 28mm) figures that can be accommodated. That being said Andy you would be correct in saying that I would add the odd unit (particularly a guillotine set) to the Revolutionary collection. I will also be purchasing command figures and voltigures from you so that the existing 1794 units can be used for 1805-7 so just think of the dosh mate!
    But I really do need to concentrate on bringing the other periods I collect to a size that can allow at least two, preferably four players to have a decent game and therefore must draw (in my mind at least) a line.
    All the best to you both for the season.