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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Zee Germans!!!

About two years ago my mate Rob and I picked up a large box (200ish infantry and 80 cavalry) of Foundry 1813 Prussian figures from a local game shop for around £80, not a bad price for that many figures. Foundry are nice enough figures but I do find them rather small in size compared to other ranges and of course usually pretty expensive, the 'deals' seem a bit of a rip off to be honest. As I eventually ended up with them I thought I'd better get started painting them!
First off these are a Battalion of Prussian Reservist infantry:
Some regular infantry (I'll have to get the command stand bought and painted up):


  1. Ah Prussians possibly my least favourite army . How did you manage not to lose the will to will whilst painting them?? Especially since it a nice job...

  2. Really nice work on these guys Dave.

  3. Andy, the thing about this army is that no matter which side your on you can kill Germans, everyone's a winner!!!!!
    Thanks Roger,

  4. Great looking figures. Some impressive painting