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Sunday, 11 March 2012

This was a large one!

As promised in the last post, here are some pictures of a humongous 15mm Greek/Macadonian/Persian game which took place at Mick's up in the borders. Mick has a very large home made hex based wargames table in his garage up in the wilds of wanny where men are men sheep are sheep and always the two shall meet (especially at night!).
An El Cid 28mm game was played on the Saturday of which later but on Sunday after a hearty breakfast battle was joined with Greeks and Macedonians (Neal & Scotty) on one side and Persians (myself & Mike) on the other with Mick umpiring. The rules were an in house version based loosely on DBM but using Mick's hexed marked table which defined movement and facing very well.
The pictures themselves will describe the action with a little bit of commentary from me:

A few of pictures of the initial Persian deployment, the left flank cavalry:

The massed Persian Cavalry/infantry centre:

Persian infantry with the Greeks advancing steadily (Darius himself in the chariot):

The Persian right flank cavalry sweeping round to envelope the Greek left:

An imposing view of the Macedonian infantry advancing in the centre:

From the rear:

The Greeks left wing (including elephants) face towards the flanking Persian horse:

The Greek centre advances closer until the clash occurs:

A view along the two lines as the combat begins, a gap has opened up as the supporting Greek cavalry refuse to engage the Hoplites:

The Persian left flank eventually drove off the Greeks to their front while the Greeks beat off the cavalry on the Persian right but they were too late and too far away to affect anything.

The battle would be decided in the centre. Crushed, Darius fought on until overwhelmed by Greek spears (and my crappy dice throwing):

An enjoyable game (and weekend) the rules though not my cup of tea (I'm simply not a DBM type fan) worked very well and fun was had by all.
As time allows I will post about the preceding 28mm El Cid game but that will do for now.


  1. As you great fun. Pleased to see the fall of my general not mentioned or Darius actually proving his worth in combat.