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Monday, 28 April 2014

Battle of Blagdon Hall.

Blagdon Hall gardens open day on Sunday. As this is the Boarder Riever clubs venue we decided to add our contribution to the event by putting on a huge - and I mean HUGE American War of Independence (or American Revolution as some of the more pro Brits insist on calling it) game to display our wares as it were.
A good few of the lads turned up and even though the weather was a bit iffy a few punters had a look round and due interest was shown, as a community relations exerciser it went down well.
It has to be said - though many people showed interest, the sight of some locals sticking their heads round the door and thinking, NERDS before disappearing rapidly to watch the Scottish dancers and stuff cake and biscuits down their necks was amusing!
Now, lots of pictures:

The burial party had to be last!
Many of the figures belong to the clubs local megalomaniac Mr Tom Nutt, the rest to yours truly.


  1. Excellent looking game! Was there a result, or was it more for PR?

  2. And again the idea thant anyone who knows anything about anything is strange gains currency amongst the thickies ..... Plus ca change !
    But as long as you had a larf and there was some cake left ....

  3. Cheers Scotty.
    Johnny - no result, took us most of the time to set up and put the figures away again but getting a result wasn't the object.
    Andy - most people (and they were in the majority) did seem to make an effort to at least feign interest which was polite and those that didn't none of us gave a stuff about anyway. As this wasn't a wargame 'event' some people will shun things they don't understand which of course only shows their limited intelligence and narrow mindedness. At shows specifically aimed at wargamers I would assume that (not completely but in the main) we tend not to get people through the door who have no interest at all in any aspect of the hobby. It would be interesting to ask them afterwards what their impressions of the hobby were based on this first impression, maybe we are slightly insular and at times need to take a step back and look in from the outside?

    1. Dave Very true- the idea that wargames shows attractr Joe public is twaddle so I agree with taking a step back - Yes we are insular#
      Year ago I remeber doing some little event in Scotland and Daddy come up with young Tarquin
      whob looking at a game I happened to be standing near shouts
      OOh it just like Warhammer !!!

      Well he wasn't completly wrong.!

      But Knowing stuff is also seen as strange WITHIN our hobby so go figure !

  4. Andy - 'But Knowing stuff is also seen as strange WITHIN our hobby so go figure ! '
    Me - heard it before, "Sad bugger even knows how many buttons the 23rd had on the 4th Oct 1813".
    Yeh and whats wrong with a bit of knowledge you TOSSA!!!