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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

28mm French Consular Guard 1800

I'll get this out of the way straight off, these figures are Elite Old Guard figures which I have shaved the grenade badge off the top of the bearskin and painted over with the white cross. I didn't shave off the grenades on the corners of the cartridge box but left them on so that the unit can be portrayed as 1805 - 07 Old Guard (along with the appropriate flag) as you will see in the photographs to come. The unit can of course do without a flag and be a bog standard combined grenadier battalion to fit in with my later French for the period, so three for one. Some may say that the cut of the uniform was slightly different and of course they'd be right but better that that paint up three different units!

Consular Guard:

The command stand with the 1805 flag dropped in:

Haven't got a clue for what will be next so watch this space.


  1. Lovely looking unit and frankly I'm too old these days to bother about the niceties of uniform details, so your 3-in-1 solution works for me.. Heresy to some but life is too short.

  2. Great looking troops, Dave!

  3. A fine looking regiment. 3 for 1 is a splendid idea

  4. A beautiful, famous unit...Excellent!

  5. What to worry about Dave, they are beautiful and very Consular. Did you paint the gold earrings that they adopted? Im certain some pedant will pull you about that. I remember reading somewhere that at Marengo the Austrians after capturing some of the guard started tearing the earrings from their prisoners. I would like to think they got their revenge later. But again a beautiful unit.

  6. Very kind gents, I did enjoy painting these lads, the replacement flags business has been a revelation, not of course applicable to all units or periods but where you can use it do it. English Civil springs readily to mind.

  7. Nice. I have the consular guard to do as well