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Tuesday, 3 March 2020

15mm 1815 Dutch Belgian army for sale

I have decided to move on from 15mm eventually to 10mm. I've been a while coming to this decision but with the fab quality of 10mm now plus the fact that it will allow me to utilise the depth of my wargaming table by reducing the ground scale and thereby having more manoeuvring room to play with.
So first up on Ebay will be these fellows:

Lovely chaps based on Bijlandts brigade with three cavalry rgts and an artillery battery thrown in.

162 infantry.
60 cavalry.
4 guns + limbers.
3 command stands.

Again go to Link
No offers please just bid away if interested.
I will be selling a large 1809 Spanish army next so keep a look out.


  1. They look really smart and it's nice you didn't pose them all moving away from the camera in line with some of the Anglophone accounts of the battle.

  2. Quite agree mate, the D/Belgians performed very well at Quatre bras and none too shabby at Waterloo even though they had suffered considerable losses.

  3. Lovely units Dave, but youre right the 10mm stuff is a better scale for Napoleonics. I used a friend's 10mm army this week and got tonked. I found they go further than 15mm when thrown in temper.

    1. Yep, and you get a more satisfying mitt full when you throw em!

  4. Best of luck Dave, they look great!

  5. Cheers Phil, got them sold. As always the money will go towards more figures.