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Thursday 26 January 2023

Crecy period French mounted Knights

 Dug these Old Glory 28mm figures out of the box last week and painted them up. I will add a few foot , crossbows etc at some point. Other than the command figure the Duke of Orleans the rest (unlike my Otterburn Knights) are generic though I did use bought transfers for the shields and painted over them so they must all be somebody!

Probably should have done more with the basing, it looks a little bare.



  1. https://youtu.be/QSo0duY7-9s

  2. Cracking work there Dave. I don't think I have the patience anymore to do all the different liveries, but appreciate the look though, which is lovely.

  3. Thanks guys, they have been sitting there for a good while with me mustering the patience to paint em!

  4. The bases don't look to bare to me as they don't detract from the figures and heraldry. When the bases become more interesting than the miniatures it seems a different hobby. It's like smaller scales where the buildings are much more my focus than the troops.
    All a matter of personal taste of course and consistency of basing [I've tripped on that hurdle before] but to be encouraging, I think these look great.

    1. Thanks Stephen, I agree that sometimes modelmakers can over do the bases particularly when they put loads of multi coloured flowers on. They look as if they are fighting in a wildflower meadow!