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Sunday 28 January 2024

10mm War of Spanish Succession re-basing.

Been a while since I have posted, I find it somewhat unproductive and time consuming but as I've said many times before I do it to keep a record of what I do in the hobby to look back on in my rapidly advancing senile years!

So yep that old chestnut, re-basing. The 10mm WSS collection has been around for quite a few years as can be seen if you look at previous posts in that particular section of the blog. However I tried Black Powder and hated it, I even tried adapting General de Armee with limited success and the large bases I had them on large bases which limits what I can do with them. Add to that is that my 10mm basing for every period is now the same to enable me to game on a 7' x 4' table at a decent scale means that I had to bite the bullet with the WSS figures.

In a practical sense this meant stripping them off the bases they were on, cutting new ones 3cm x 2.5cm, gluing two dice holders and one pin on the three battalion stands. Because large battalions were being split up into smaller 30 figure battalions this of course required a great many more command strips and as 90% are Old Glory this meant painting the flags onto the castings, a pain but worth it in the end.

So here are the allied foot for Blenheim, horse still to do and then the French. No way was I going to photograph each and every battalion but there's a picture of the whole lot at the end.

Ferguson 26th foot

Derby 16th foot

Marlborough 1st Foot Guard

Orkney 2nd Foot

Hamilton 18th Royal Irish

Hess Kassel, Prinz Wilhelm

Hess Kassel, Leibregiment

Hess Kassel, Erbprinz

Hess Kassel, Grenadier batt

Hess Kassel, Watensleben

Combined Grenadier batt

Thirty three battalions artillery and command.

I'm about half way through the French infantry so a bit to go yet.



  1. Can't beat a bit of rebasing!

    1. You could beat it with a large bat for me Neil, fracken hate it!

  2. That is an impressive looking collection, looking forward to seeing the French.

  3. Fiddly, but a task well worth it, these look lovely and much kudos for painting your own flags.,

    1. At least they will get on the table now, poor buggers were just sitting in a box.