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Thursday, 20 June 2019

28mm Levee en mass figures.

Having pre ordered these additions to my French revolutionary collection a while back the Levee en Mass 28mm battalion pack from The Emperor Toads Emporium arrived a couple of weeks ago. Given that my wife and I  have been sunning ourselves in Rhodes for a week I am pleased to say that I got these chaps painted up pretty quickly.
The castings are clean nicely cut, by which I mean creases folds etc have some depth which makes painting very straightforward. I would place them halfway between Old Glory and Perry's in that respect but the thing that catches the eye is the tremendous variety in the figures you get. In a battalion of thirty six figures you'd be lucky to find more than two the same, quite unknown in my experience. They were a joy to paint. I got them as a pre order so though they may not be on the website yet contact these guys and I'm sure they will sort you out.
I have been collecting French Revolutionary figures for twenty years or so and I'm pretty excited about this range as the manufacturers do seem to be concentrating on expanding throughout the period, keep it going chaps.
Here are some pictures:

Another of these and one Austrian line to paint up.