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Saturday, 10 September 2016

I said I never would, but I did!

Yep, never again would I stick those bloody Vitrix sods together. That's what I said and for quite a long time I stuck to it, but to be honest I'm a tight git and getting a battery of British foot artillery on the cheap seemed to good a chance to resist.
I get the box opened and then remember why I have avoided it for this many years, talk about overkill, at one point I thought that I would find separate eyebrows for the buggers, Vitrix 'there's fousands of em', parts that is!
Never mind, onwards and upwards, the three gun battery is done and added to the British Peninsula force started years ago, they needed the support and they've got it - no excuses now lads.

 I thought I'd use one of the spare limber carriages to construct a small vignette - so:

"The bloody things stuck sarge."

The whole brigade:

No more though!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Vendee rebel personalities 1793-96

A few Vendee rebel personality figure from Trent Miniatures painted up here, didn't take that long. I bought them a while back and it actually took me longer to remember who the manufacturer was than doing the painting - seriously!


Sunday, 21 August 2016

Wargames buildings - what scale?

An epiphany, when I went to Mick's fantastic wargames garage conversion the last couple of times we all commented on the fact that he was now using 6mm model buildings to represent towns/villages etc instead of his old 15mm gear.

I thought, well that looks about right, the smaller models allow troops to be placed in the town yet doesn't look out of place scale wise.
So onto EBay with most of my 15mm buildings and out with the decorating brush for the 6mm buildings from Leven Miniatures and TimeCast :

As you can see I have placed 15mm figures beside them to give you an idea but bare in mind the first photo which lets you see how they look on the wargame table en-mass from a distance. The Russian type buildings have 10mm figures beside them.
Of the two companies I just about prefer Leven Miniatures but it's a damn close run. I will probably get more but I want to get back to painting figures, it's just not the same is it!

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Late Roman Vs Visigoth, 'To the Strongest'.

The title gives it away. Neal and I revisited our fave ancients ruleset 'To the Strongest' Here for a first outing of my recently re-based Late Roman/Visigothic armies.
The game itself was it's usual close run thing which, as the armies were of equal points proves that either the points system in the rules works well, or that Neal and I are such crappy generals that we fight each other to a pathetic stand still! I think it's the latter but I'm sure Simon Miller (who wrote the rules) will think the opposite.
As said both sides had the same points and set up as below, Romans (Neal) on the left, Visigoths (muggins) on the right:

Both sets of cavalry on either flank pushed on towards their opponents with the infantry in the centre following more slowly:

These guys are Roman deserters fighting for the Visigoths and as can be seen are about to get their comeuppance being charged by infantry to the front and light cavalry on their flank (lights can only charge flank and/or rear of formed troops):

Both sets of infantry proceded to close and throw everything including the kitchen sink at each other before getting stuck in with the sword and spear.

The Visigothic right wing at this point, why I pushed that warband as far forward as that I don't know, they got well stuffed!

Now the Visigoth guy in the red jacket in the next picture almost saved the day for my battered left flank, his cavalry unit on it's own held off Neal's victorious Romans for at least three turns. It was at this point that Neal started swearing, something that this set of rules does to us (in a good way I hasten to add). Just when you are about to crush the opposition a well dodgy card comes up and the floofing and doofing begins - it is great fun!

For all his bravery the end result was still this:

The game was in doubt for a good few turns but in the end Neal's tactical genious (jammy bugger) pulled through.

Here's Neal firing bolts at me as I retreat:

And here's me tak'n wor lass oot for a drink after the battle!