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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Austrian artillery

Finally finished the Austrian foot battery which I've been pratting about with for the last month. To be fare as you guys know a foot battery is a big bit of kit to do so I shouldn't complain too much.
This just about gives the Austrians parity with the French so an encounter on the table top should be forthcoming.
The limbers are Foundry, now I know that the riders are uniformed for 1813 and what's done is done but until a manufacturer brings figures out dressed in the gray Fuhrwesen uniform (with a broad black hat) I'm pretty stuck with these lads. If that happens I will of course flog them for a vast sum.
The artillery crew are Trent Miniatures and the guns are probably Seven Years War but they were going spare so what the hey!

On with the pictures,
As evening falls the Austrian 3pdr battery covers the road to Liege:

Then limbers up and buggers off as usual:

Now to finish off some 15mm ACW.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Breakfast (Lunch and Dinner) in America.

Nothing wargaming related just a quick word to say what's been going on.
We got back last week from a 14 day visit to Detroit to see my son, he married an American girl and went out there three years ago and now works for a newspaper in the city.
Great trip, we've never been over before so the whole experience was new to us. The People were really friendly, the 'have a great day' cliche is always there wherever you go and frankly if they don't always mean it I really don't care. You come out of the shop or whatever feeling considerably better than coming out of places over here where the person behind the counter can't be bothered to put his newspaper down to serve you!
Michigan seems (from years of corruption and neglect) to be picking up again. The American car industry is on the rise after the U.S. government pumped in money and some bloody big houses are springing up all over the place. I can only speak for the area we visited but the whole feel of the place is one of upward progress, though there is still along way to go (especially in the poorer suburbs).
On the lighter side I went my first baseball game, fired an AK47 and the missus shot a pistol (with a particularly manic look in her eye I may add).
Here's a few pics:

Detroit Tigers stadium

The City

AK47 top right


Wor lasses

As stated in the title of this (Breakfast (Lunch and Dinner) in America.) the food was great as can be seen from the fat bastard in this photo.

Everything (from cars to corn flakes) was about half the price it is here but of course they pay out plenty for medical insurance.
All in all a cracking trip and best of all my lad is doing very well.
Still working on that Austrian 28mm artillery battery, more when I finish them.