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Saturday, 13 May 2017

28mm Prussian Napoleonic infantry

With the impending release of Dave Brown's new Napoleonic rules General d'Armee I figured that I would like to add to my somewhat limited 28mm Napoleonic collection of figures. I have loads of 15mm naps but only one brigade of French and one brigade of Brits in this scale.
Sorting through my now dwindling unpainted figure box I came across two battalions of Prussian infantry. As none of the guys at our local club The Border Reivers Wargames Society 
have a Prussian army I figured that this would make a contribution to the upcoming games which everyone is predicting when the said rules arrive.
Having purchased a box of Perry plastic Prussians to finish off the regiment plus two command figures I thought I should get the photographs of the completed figures on here:

1st battalion, 7th infantry regiment (2nd West Prussian). Elite Figures.

2nd battalion, 7th infantry regiment (2nd West Prussian) Perry plastics.

Fusilier battalion, 7th infantry regiment (2nd West Prussian). Elite Figures. I know, the Fusilier battalion should have a bugler instead of a drummer but I didn't have one so tough titty!
These were in advancing pose and I figured they would look better if as Fusiliers they were in skirmish formation.

The command stand. Perry metal figures.
Little 10mm elephants next!


  1. Nice, the commandbase is superb - have you been watching the videos put out by Lard Island that introduce the Napoleonic rules (I have Pickets Charge).

    1. Have it bookmarked Norm will watch it tomorrow. We are all looking forward to these rules coming out as we love Pickett's Charge.

  2. Impressive painting and basing, very nice job Dave!

  3. Lovely units, terrible army. Looking forward to seeing what you think of the rules.

    1. Cheers Robbie, most people seem to be looking forward to them.