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Sunday, 11 July 2021

10mm ECW horse rgts

 Though frankly a pain in the arse getting pinged by the NHS app does give you time to paint figures though other than that I am going a tad stir crazy, thank god for the football, so far at least!

Started with the ECW 10mm horse for both sides, as you see I mixed headwear and little or no uniform for the Edghill period. The flags are my own invention so anything goes, I love this period. Figures are Pendraken.

Royalist horse:

Parliamentary horse:

Dragoons for both sides next I think.



  1. Superb looking regiments Dave

  2. Well done Dave, great looking cavalry!

    1. Isolating for a week helps getting the painting done Phil!

  3. Once again so superbly painted at this small scale. Top stuff!
    Regards, James