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Monday, 6 September 2021

Another addition. French 10mm Napoleonic

 Another short post as I have put this sort of thing on before really, but 10mm or not it's still a brigades worth (I think this makes about five for the French) plus another light infantry battalion and it's broken up skirmish elements:

I'm busy doing bases for some free standing buildings to 'tart' them up, as I pretty crap at terrain we'll see how that goes eh!



  1. Your 10mm units are very impressive, wonderful work!

  2. Mon Dieu!, you've done a grand job on them, I like the bases too.
    Gan canny,

  3. You've done a grand job on those Dave:). Funnily enough I love making scenery, especially the scratch building part of it.

  4. Thanks fellas, I suppose the scenery thing is lack of practice i.e. laziness!!!

  5. I think I am repeating myself, but it bears saying again: so hard to believe that these are 10 mm, so beautifully painted and based.
    Regards, James

    1. James, repeat or not any comment made on here is gratefully received, thanks mate, appreciate it.

  6. Very impressive, Dave. The skirmisher stands add a lot of punch to the display.