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Thursday, 8 March 2012

It's all Greek to me!

Might as well get these straight on as I have ten minutes to spare!
Really the same situation as with the Persians posted before, these guys have been there or there about for fifteen or more years but I've never had the push to get them finished.
Going up to Mick's at the weekend was one reason to get them done, but with the other lads playing Hail Caesar then at least they will get used regularly.
So first up are the oldest, these chaps have been with me since about 1985! Now there no great shakes as a paint job but they've suffered my crappy dice throwing for so long that they deserve some credit. Greek Hoplites:

Lancashire Games Hoplites, these have Little Big Man shield transfers Link as you will see the next batch of figures have had their shields hand painted. In time taken to do it there's no difference, now my hand painting is ok but it has to be said that the transfers are great but 15mm.............soooo fiddly! You pays your money and takes makes your choice.

These are the old Outpost figures with the hand painted shields:

Xyston (I think) Spartan Hoplites:

Finally a few Outpost skirmishers:

Hopefully (if I remember the camera!) I will post some photo's of the weekends game when I get back.


  1. What a right load of Hoplites... and remeber if you get grabbed by the peltasts it'll make your eyes water....

  2. Dodgy dice throwing the other night, I wonder if they're worried about their pension with the financial crisis that's going on????

  3. Great looking figures. Look forward to seeing them in action this weekend