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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ghastly Goths

A game played at our club (Border Reivers, Blagdon nr Stannington Northumberland) Link recently was a match up between a defending Late Roman/Hunnic force vs a mainly Gothic cavalry army.
The armies lined up as below with the Goths to the right of the picture and the Romans/Huns to the left.

The Gothic centre was composed mainly of heavy cavalry with warbands in support and were poised to smash straight through the enemy forces to it's front.

Roman archers supported by Hunnic light and Roman medium cavalry.

With the cavalry in the centre advancing the Gothic right wing moves forward in support.

Foolishly the Hunnic lights got carried away and charged the advancing Gothic warband and were soundly beaten.

The warbands continued to advance.

Dodgy lookin geezers.

The Gothic cavalry were decimated by the bow armed Romans and their allies to their front and left flank.

The Gothic armies were eventually driven off with great loss. Figures are nearly all Old Glory (common Andy you must owe me at least a pint for all the free publicity!) and some Gripping Beast.


  1. Lovely looking figures, though I don't know much about the period!

  2. Thanks man your comments are appreciated. I do try to mix it up a bit on this blog, lots of different periods etc.
    It's not that I paint these up quickly, they've been around for a while, it's just getting them on here that takes the time!

  3. Nice to see those lads out I recognise the bulk of them-

  4. Great looking game. SOme excellent figures on display