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Saturday, 20 April 2013

28mm New Kingdom Egyptians

Two posts in one month, don't get too excited folks. Na, I'm sure you won't.

These lads aren't exactly new as they've been done for about two years and added to, but it's the first time I have photographed them so I thought they should go on the blog.
I always fancied a New Egyptian army (or 'stick and nappy men' as my mate Rob would say!), and as you can see I'm fairly well on with them.
Could do with about eight more chariots but at £10 a pop it ain't cheap, then there's starting on the opposition. What to go for? Actually it has been such a while since I did any biblical stuff I may be tempted to give it a go I haven't got any yet but these chaps Cutting Edge Miniatures seem to have an excellent ever expanding range with a great many possibilities.
Decision, decisions.

Here's the ones I've done so far, mostly Old Glory with some Foundry thrown in.

New Kingdom Egyptian infantry:



Chariot runners:

Finally the chariots themselves:

The whole army:

If I were to go for Assyrians as opponents then I would need the chariots with a bit more armor on as these were more prevalent in the later period, however Hittites would require the lighter types.
We shall see but for the moment Scotty needs some horse drawn waggon types for the upcoming 15mm Franco Prussian encounter at Micks place so it's on with those.


  1. Wow these look great! How was the skin tone painted ? I struggle away from Caucasian.

  2. Great looking army, I particulary like chariots...

  3. They look great Dave, go for the Hitittes

  4. Thanks lads, skin tone, I don't go further than a lighter than usual undercoat with any commercial wash over that. I use washes much more than I used to so long as the casting is cut deep i.e. Old Glory cut into belts etc while Perry don't (lovely figures though they are), therefore Old Glory take the wash into the cuts and the shading shows up better.

  5. Very nice and colourful. I would recommend Cutting Edge. Sea People chariots are due out in summer which go rather well with Hittites.

  6. Dave Since whenv were our Chariots a tenner each!! - news to me- after all you've had a few of 'em !! pack opf 3 £26.00 retail which is less than £9.00 apiece... Sums lad Sums......

  7. Andy, my fault I realize your chariots are £9.00 however I wanted some in different poses and also Cutting Edge do their later New Kingdom with scale armoured horses so that would mean going with them. £8.00 extra for the overall order, well so be it. 80% of my figures are yours so you know it's not personal my friend.

  8. Are those scout cavalry Old Glory?