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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Austrian artillery

Finally finished the Austrian foot battery which I've been pratting about with for the last month. To be fare as you guys know a foot battery is a big bit of kit to do so I shouldn't complain too much.
This just about gives the Austrians parity with the French so an encounter on the table top should be forthcoming.
The limbers are Foundry, now I know that the riders are uniformed for 1813 and what's done is done but until a manufacturer brings figures out dressed in the gray Fuhrwesen uniform (with a broad black hat) I'm pretty stuck with these lads. If that happens I will of course flog them for a vast sum.
The artillery crew are Trent Miniatures and the guns are probably Seven Years War but they were going spare so what the hey!

On with the pictures,
As evening falls the Austrian 3pdr battery covers the road to Liege:

Then limbers up and buggers off as usual:

Now to finish off some 15mm ACW.


  1. Cool, I'll have the limbers when you get proper ones! Not sure about the 'vast sum' shit like!

  2. These have turned really well. The Trent figures have a certain charm, and I'd forgotten about the Foundry Limbers - not bad at all. I'll probably wait for Eureka to add their Austrian limbers, but some food for thought here. Well done!

    The Duke of Plaza-Toro

  3. Very nice. Love to see more Revolutionary wars figures and games. All inspiring stuff :-)