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Monday, 7 April 2014

Jeeze that's a big un

Mooching through some old wargame photos on the external hard drive I have for my laptop I came across some pictures of a few 1/600 scale Old Glory pre-dreadnought ship models from their 'Shipyard' line that Rob Anderson and I did for a customer quite a few years ago. I know that Andy is a mercenary git and would have no objection to me putting them on here!

Truthfully I can't even remember which ships they are, I think Andy has them now (which ones are they mate?).
I do however remember going down to the Durham show where the Tan Toby reprobates were having a game with these monsters which were on a huge (relative to the space at Durham) table, they were about a foot apart blowing seven kinds of crap out of each other, much to the amusement of everyone concerned.
It being a glorious sunny day outside I did suggest (after donning straw boaters and picking up the old champers) taking the game onto the local bowling green just outside the rear exit door. Now that WOULD be a large playing area. But I think the members of the bowels club wouldn't appreciate commoners interfering with their balls!
Well two posts in one week, you know how it is, no buses, then loads come along at once.


  1. Beautiful ships,love the wood effect...

  2. I think they are the Royal Navy of the 1880s as they have barbute not turrets. thought I don't recognise the individuakl ships offhand.

  3. Would anyone know if they are done in a smaller scale?