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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Sneeky buggers, a Chouan ambush 1795.

A day with the TWATS, Tantobie Warfare and Tactical Society. A small game (more drinking, less gaming, but now't wrong with that) took place at THE RIL at Tantobie (it isn't the end of the world but you can see it from there). The sign used to say THE COMERCIAL HOTEL but it has to be said the place has seen better days, beers good though and the grub is tremendous.
Anyhow I brought along French Rev, Chouan peasants with a few Brits thrown in for luck. The idea was that the one regular British battalion was to escort a plunder laiden wagon back to the waiting royalist command in order to provide much needed funds in order for the rebellion against the Republican scum to continue. The Republicans (who outnumbered the Royalists) were encouraged by the completely unbiased umpire (yours truly) to hurry down the road to cut off the apparently isolated British battalion attempting to move the wagon away from the oncoming hoards.

A view of the village occupied by the British battalion (the loot is in a wagon just behind the building) who are forming up in front, note the French Demi Brigade on the right of the photo.

The said Republican Demi Brigade before:

And again but with hundreds of Chouan peasants emerging from the woods on their flank, merde!

Plus a bloody great siege gun!

Needless to say the cowardly Republicans ran away pursued by the victorious Chouans.

Some Republicans did eventually rally and along with two battalions of light infantry counter attacked, driving the peasants back through the woods.

I did take photos of the rest of the game but they weren't of the best quality, I would like to say it was the beer but as I was driving I was on Coke!
To sum up Andy put up a good show with his British battalion holding off the second French Demi Brigade until reinforcements arrived. He may put some pictures up Here in the near future.

Good game though.


  1. Dave, great to see your collection take to the table once more. The Chouan and Vendee uprisings lend themselves so well to interesting scenarios. I'm making plans to increase my number of Émigré troops for an invasion game in September. Michael

  2. Cheers Michael, I'll keep watching as always.

  3. Dave so I will and the Truth will be told ....... well sort of and I've told you before about handling dangerous material like coca- cola without adequate protection ......

  4. Lovely game and figures, Dave. I must say I've never heard of the Chouans - quite ignorant for most of the Revolution. I do like their look though. Awesome collection you have.

  5. Thanks Dean.
    For a quick look: