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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Barbarian 28mm figure comparison.

First up, a comparison of 28mm hard plastic Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors on the right of the photo and Old Glory UK 28mm metal Gothic/Visigoth tribesmen figures on the left:

As can be seen there is very little difference in size, styling wise the Goth/Visigoths look slightly more 'eastern' and of course the coffin shields give away their Visighthic origins but overall much of a muchness.
The 40 Gripping beast plastics were easy to assemble, one arm (mostly spears with these guys but a couple of axes/swords chucked in. seperate heads and the shields. They were a few shields short which may be a problem to some people but I have plenty of metal shields knocking about somewhere. I hand painted these shields but there are plenty of great transfers out there.
These are fairly generic dark age figures portraying tribesmen of the lower end of the social class and will therefore be able to represent any warriors from the late Roman period through to viking age.
Very nice.
Old Glory Gothic infantry are up to the usual good standard wargame figure produced by this company, sometimes the photographs on their site don't show off these models very well but I have always found them fine 'in the flesh' as it were. the shields require sticking on as do the spears, I don't know if the company still sell spear heads but don't get them as they look far too big, I painted the guys in the picture years ago and regreted putting the spearheads on ever since!
Other than that the figs are great.

In addition here are some pictures of the re-based Gothic archers and a couple of command stands:

Last to base up, the Goth wagons and scummy civies.

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