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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Wargames buildings - what scale?

An epiphany, when I went to Mick's fantastic wargames garage conversion the last couple of times we all commented on the fact that he was now using 6mm model buildings to represent towns/villages etc instead of his old 15mm gear.

I thought, well that looks about right, the smaller models allow troops to be placed in the town yet doesn't look out of place scale wise.
So onto EBay with most of my 15mm buildings and out with the decorating brush for the 6mm buildings from Leven Miniatures and TimeCast :

As you can see I have placed 15mm figures beside them to give you an idea but bare in mind the first photo which lets you see how they look on the wargame table en-mass from a distance. The Russian type buildings have 10mm figures beside them.
Of the two companies I just about prefer Leven Miniatures but it's a damn close run. I will probably get more but I want to get back to painting figures, it's just not the same is it!


  1. They look excellent. Like you I think I prefer the Leven miniature buildings

  2. They look great. Down scaling is a great way of handling the wargames building paradox that arises from having different vertical and horizontal scales.
    Which buildings belong to Leven?

  3. Peter, I really can't remember, there's a mix of each type/period in there. You'd best look on their various sites and pick out what I did! I just remember while I was painting them that I slightly prefered Leven Mins. Ah the memory of an older gent.

  4. If you base the buildings on the same/similar base thickness as your figures, they look even better as the vertical dimension isn't as "compacted".