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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

More Revolutionary Vendee figures.

After searching for ages for some suitable mounted figures for the Vendee royalist cavalry I finally found some. I had been looking for mounted armed civilians with a feel of wealthier landowner about them, you know, not rich but fellows who could afford a decient horse and the weapons to go with it. So I sent away for these Trent Miniature figures for the Irish rebellion of 98 (I think), cut down the daft lepricorn hat and added a wider brim - hey presto and ther you are:

The quality of the pictures ain't great I'm afraid but I had a game of 15mm To the Strongest going on so I didn't have much room!
Here are some photos of the whole ensamble as it were:

I've really only got about three more flags to paint for the musket armed troops and maybe a limber for the humongous siege gun and we're away.
Finish off the 10mm Caesarian Romans next. It never ends, good job I love it!