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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Someone has got that lady, Piedemont 1795 part II.

Another Tuesday night, Neal popped over so another couple of rounds of Sharp Practice II.
As you will recall those Frenchy Rev chaps had rescued their elusive spy Contessa de Knickerbocka from the clutches of the dastardly Austrian cads who were about to have their way with her (not that she would have minded) and were now making a dash for the other end of the table with the Contessa in tow.
The Austrians under Oberstleutnant Von Strumpa were now marching as fast as they could down the road to intercept with Sgt shit me pants (read previous post for reason) regaining some of his courage and chivying his men along behind the French.

Dam Austrian skirmishers lurking in the orchard.

Under orders from their intrepid leader Sous lieutenant Camembert, otherwise known as 'The big Cheese' (WARNING, references to Carry on Don't Lose Your Head will be ongoing) a volley crashed into the Austrian skirmishers which even given that the French required 6's to kill and 5's to cause 'shock' still toppled two of their opponents.

The brave but somewhat stiff upper necked Austrian infantry do a marvellous balancing act as they rapidly march down the road and over the bridge to out flank and cut off the French.
Elite figures are great but they all stare up into the air as if someone has just broken wind!

A volley from the French rearguard did some damage but Oberstleutnant Von Strumpa soon rallied most that off.

A view of the French escorting the Contessa through the woods heading towards safety. Very scenic look about this masterpiece of photography and quite ruined by Neal's Land of the Giants impression in the background.

We even drew tokens for the movement of the livestock, the sheep immediately headed off towards the edge of the table. Sheep never were very bright, that's coming from an ex farmer, whilst the pigs with due revolutionary fervour charged directly for Sgt shitty pants. How will he react? will it be bacon for supper or will the Austrians get the pork chop!
Same time, same place, same channel folks.
P.S. buildings by Empires at War people have been asking.


  1. Great game. Looking forward to the next instalment

  2. Beautiful...The picture 'view of the French escorting the Contessa' is amazing, a masterpiece!