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Saturday, 3 February 2018

28mm 15th Kings Hussars.

I painted the first six figures for the 15th about eight years ago and as with my ongoing policy of finishing things off I sent away to Front Rank for another six to make up a usable unit. Now it's a good job that the Duke didn't have to wait that long for his reinforcements to arrive, he may have had something to say about it!
The difficulty I faced is that my painting style has changed somewhat over the years and that the original figures had weathered a bit with the colours being slightly dulled, so both had to be matched with the new figures. You can tell the difference, but not by much.
Front Rank figures, like all manufacturers have their advantages and disadvantages. The detail is fantastic, everything is there that needs to be, they are fairly chunky, not terrible but the lads have not had their rations cut during the campaign but they are rather stiff not allot of movement if you know what I mean, I don't mind but I have a preference for a bit more swash buckle if you get my drift!
Because of the detail on the figure they were a joy to paint though as you will see from the pictures the red teeth? on the horse blanket aren't there when they should be. I know, lazy bugger but hey ho lots of things to do and the horses are generic light so this wasn't sculpted on, it's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

This is the original squadron:

While this is the reinforcement:

Along with the rest of my peninsular stuff they will be a great addition to some of the large 28mm Nap games at the club or here using Sharp Practise.


  1. Wonderful details and great colors!

  2. Great looking cav, Dave. I like British hussars wearing busbies!

  3. Thanks guys, all that teddy bear fur Dean, think of all the fields you could use it for on the wargames table!

  4. Wonderful looking regiment Dave and a fine paint job on those beautiful Front Rank castings, I think you have married up the two distinct timelines in terms of figures painted quit perfectly.

  5. Very kind chaps, still plugging away with the 10mm Nap stuff for Blucher.

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