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Saturday, 7 July 2018

A naval gazing interlude.

We've all been there, looking in one of the random boxes of unpainted figures for one thing that we were sure we put in there 20 yrs ago. "I remember putting it there in 1982 for f***s sake, why isn't it still there" even though you've moved house three times since then. Oh well.
But sometimes it works out, with dementia rapidly kicking in I searched and searched, never found the thing I was looking for but did come across two Langton Napoleonic kits 1/1200 scale. Haven't done anything like this for years says I, (Whilst doing the rigging I remembered why!) but the end result whilst not anywhere near some of the fantastic models I see on other sites wasn't too bad.
These can be classed as good standard wargame model ships, I know the flags are blowing the wrong way when compared to the sails but aesthetically this looks better and I also know that the union flag on the original British frigate is in the wrong place but to be honest I couldn't be arsed to take it off and replace it! Oh yes and cotton thread doesn't look great after it's been spray varnished but you live and learn.
I may take this further I don't know, but here are the pictures:

I have had a couple of these ships for a while but decided to tart them up, might end up getting about ten per side, we'll see.


  1. Oooh, fancy! How long until we get a battle report?

    1. What, till I paint about 10 of them, a while yet mate. I'm telling you when I was putting the first one's rigging on the bloody thing nearly went out the window! I got better at it though.

  2. Wonderful job on these Dave.

  3. Outstanding job, they look fantastic!

  4. They look beaut Dave. That bit of spray affected rigging adds to them, I reckon!