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Sunday, 11 October 2020

I said I would and I did. 10mm rebasing.

 I was never really happy with the Blucher rules system. That's no disrespect to those who like it or especially to Mr Mustapha but it just wasn't for me. A bit generic, a bit bland. You could have been fighting any horse and musket period really. However I went for it as it allowed replicating a largish encounter on a reasonable sized table which given Corvid and the inability to get to the local club would have suited me just fine as I have a 7' x 4' table available at home and I know how lucky I am to have that.

I will hold my hands up and admit that I should have played Blucher with the cards a great deal more than I did before going to all of the effort of basing up figures and then finding that I wasn't keen on the rule system but hey ho there you go. They were good figures, well based but nobody was willing to pay what I felt they were worth. That's no disrespect to any of the guys involved, it takes two to Tango as they say. So what to do?

I have been and will continue to sell my 15mm collection, this will fund the conversion and expansion of the 10mm Napoleonic chaps which (as you will see) have been re-based on a 90mm frontage per unit both to fit onto the hex terrain I use but primarily to allow the smaller frontage to get more troops onto the table I use thereby allowing larger battles to be fought. That's the idea anyhow. Rules of choice will be Dave Brown's General De Armee, a rule set that I and the club are familiar with and which I used for 15mm figures but now with a smaller frontage and probably game scale as well but I haven't started looking at that yet.

So the dreaded re-basing it was, The figures you will see below are predominantly re-based from their Blucher bases onto the 25mm x 20mm Fire and Fury sized bases which will allow me to use the Age of Eagles ruleset as well if I so wish. I will of course be adding to them having ordered from Pendraken and Magister Millitum aiming for a couple of divisions plus cavalry per side.Don't ask a time scale, you know how it is!

The Russians, 1812-14

The French 1812-14

I have done some bits and bobs of terrain but I'll leave that for another post. Take care out there guys and girls.



  1. Lovely armies and now much greater flexibility.

  2. Both armies look great Dave. My 10mm armies are now based on 25mm squares for infantry and (some) artillery as it allows me to use them for a wide variety of rules, but primarily Black Powder II and Bloody Big Battles. Skirmish games can be done, as well as Neil Thomas' rules. Luckily I was able to game with a friends armies before I went ahead and based, thus saving me the agony of re-basing.

  3. Thanks lads, I do think flexibility is so very important as tastes change and new rule sets come out though I am becoming more content with a smaller number of rule sets that I am familiar with. I simply can't be arsed to read new rules!

  4. Very nice Dave. I often wish I'd done my Napoleonics in 10mm instead of 15mm

    1. Cheers Scotty, starting again I’d go for 10mm for everything other than 28mm skirmish.

  5. Great looking armies and 10 mm a great option for Napoleonics. I would really love some one day

  6. Appreciate it Matt, go for it there are some great sculpts out there now.