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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Thank **** that's done!

Well I'm 54 and I don't want to be doing that again. I mean, never say never, but I'm pretty sure they will have to be carrying me out of this house in a box!
As jolly readers of these musings may well guess my good lady, youngest (well not quite so young maybe) son myself and two pooches have finally moved residences. I love it, the wife loves it, my lad loves it but one of the two dogs howled at the front door to go 'home' for four bloody days.
No matter, I have a den, a man cave, to be precise aWargames Room! Top floor all to myself, bloody marvellous, no more freezing my bits off in a Northumbrian garage, which even in July can be pretty chilly I'm telling you dear reader.
The figure storage cabinets were brought from our last place and half of IKEA transported/constructed in order to accommodate books and a gaming table. Not quite there with that bit yet but shouldn't be too long now.
I will shove some more pickies on here as progress is made but here's a start:


  1. Nice man cave! Does the door lock from the inside? ;O)

  2. Moving house is so difficult. Well done surviving the move and congrats on the man cave.

  3. We'll done. Getting the soldiers moved without a breakage is always the most important part of planning any house move!

  4. Thanks lads - Gary, don't need a lock, my wife is more than happy to shove me away upstairs for as long as possible, the space was a bedroom and has an en suite, don't even need to go down stairs for that! Stryker, I havn't looked at the 15mm stuff yet, so lets not crow too soon.

  5. Quite agree Steve, am I alone in that when I go into virtually any shop I assess everything in there in terms of wargaming potential?