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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

10mm English and French War of the Spanish Succession

Maybe just a couple of pics tonight, I'm full of enthusiasm for this blog, but like diarys one always starts with the best intentions! I intend to post about once every couple of weeks, but initially I'll get a few pictures of my 10mm WSS stuff them 10mm Cesarian Roman. After that who knows there is plenty to go at. Believe me after 29 years of painting and collecting there's a fair bit of lead about!
Anyhow here's a few pics of English for the Blenheim scenario:
Front to back: 2 Squadrons of Lumley's, 2 of Schomberg. One stand per squadron.

Front left: 1 Squad Lumley, Right: 1 Squad Cadogans, front line: 2 Squads Woods, 2 Squads Wyndham.

Front to back: Marlborough's (24th), Rowe's Scots Fusiliers (21st) Pendraken figs, 1st Foot Guards, Hessen Kassel, Erbprinz.

Front to back: Ferguson's (26th The Cameronians), Ingoldsby's (23rd), Howe's (15th), Hessen Kassel Leibregiment.

Front to back, Hamilton's, Orkney's 2nd, Derby's, and North & Gray.

Finally some of Blood's artillery:

The vast majority are Old Glory, pics arn't the best as they were taken a while ago but they will do. I'll talk about the basing decisions when I have more time. Maybe get the French on tomorrow.
Off to the Border Reiver club now, I'm taking 1:2400 WW2 ships tonight so I'll put the life jacket on!

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