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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

10mm War of the Spanish Succession French dismounted dragoons

More 10mm WSS figures, in this case French dismounted dragoons from the French right flank at Blenheim. They were positioned between the village and the river Danube and had lost their horses through disease.
These are all Pendraken dismounted British with their tricorns shaved off and 'Green Stuff' bags put on. Frankly a pain to do but as no-one does dismounted French dragoons in 10mm I had no option! Still there done now and the results seem fine.
So first off all four rgts together. Rear rank L to R, La Reine, Mestre de Camp General. Front rank L to R, Vasse's, Rohan Chabot:

Closer views of the latest painted, first Rohan Chabot:

Secondly Vasse's:

I'll give the reasons for the basing in a future post where I will show the rest of Cutt's assault column and the French defenders. Suffice to say that these will do fine for the Blackpowder set of rules that the lads are using at our Boarder Reivers Club.
I think that will do for tonight.
Cheers, Dave.

1 comment:

  1. Dave,

    Nice work! Can you share the uniform detail for Vasse's and Rhoahn Chabot? I've not been abale to find any uniform info on them and I volunteered to paint these units for a Blenheim fight...in 28mm!!!