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Sunday, 1 January 2012

A dabble in Napoleonics

I do love the Napoleonic period. I have a large collection of 15mm and of course the 28mm French Revolution stuff that you can see on this blog, but it's the uniform colours that really get you. So though many of the units that I will put on here are a couple of years old the Middle Guard Fusilier Grenadiers were done over the Xmas break (all the best by the way). I don't really know where I'm going with these, I tend to paint a unit when I fancy it!
So here goes, as usual not much chatter but a few pictures.
The heavys, French Cuirassiers (Front Rank):
French 12pdr Battery (I know, the guns are BIG!):
1st Batt 1st Rgt Grenadiers a Pied (Front Rank):
Middle Guard, 1st Batt Fusilier Grenadiers (Elite figures):
The man himself:
At rest:

General De Brigade:
Finally to balance things, a British Brigade for the Peninsular (Vitrix plastics):
The plastic Vitrix are fine when finished, but frankly they were such a pain in the arse to put together I won't be doing them again. Use metal figures for a while and they will get damaged, use these regularly and I really can't see them lasting more than three or four years, false economy in my opinion.
Hope 2012 is a good one for all who are reading this,


  1. Very very nice Dave. I do love the FR stuff. I have a few units of Elite too that I do like. More please.

  2. Very impresive collection, Dave. The Napoleonic Period has, I think the best uniforms of all the ages and you have show some of them here.

    Best regards and a Happy New Year.

  3. An impressive looking collection.

  4. Enjoyable photos, bravo.

    I came to the same conclusion about the Victrix plastics.

  5. Nice blog and pics. I really like those Victrix British pics - can I ask how you did the blocks of wheat? They look great and I'm hoping to do some cornfields myself.

  6. Lord Hill,
    The wheat is simply a foot matt that you wipe your feet on before you come in the door sliced up. You can cut them with a Stanley knife and can even make whole fields if cut into blocks. One matt will last you ages and only costs a few quid.
    Hope that helps,

  7. Good gear Dave and agree entirely with your comments re plasic. I keep thi9nking about doing late Napoleonics in 28/30mm - especially with the Jacdaw Swedes being iminent. My Peninsular stuff is of course in 40mm - hope to have 'em out this year. Am looking to have a game at the pub in late Jan perhaps/

  8. Wow, you HAVE been busy!

    Excellent work, though!

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